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Bandarawela is a big town, situated in Badulla District, Uva Province, Sri Lanka, which is 28 km away from Badulla Town. Due to higher altitude, Bandarawela has a mild weather condition throughout the year hence; it is popular among the citizens to spend the vacations with their family members.

Bandarawela is 200 km away from Colombo and about 150 kms away from Kandy, Colombo and Kandy being two capital cities in Sri Lanka. Both roads and railway transportation facilities are available to reach the area within a few hours. Bandarawela town, tinted with a colonial past resting among lush forestation has found its niche among its visitors as a base for eco-tourism.

History of the Bandarawela area is coming from the time of great Sinhalese King "Valagamba" who fell back and regrouped in the Dhowa region to fight against Chola (Indian) invaders.

During the period of British colonial era, the town occurred rapid development of the infrastructures and human resources due to tea plantations and migration of the British and local people to the area. A lot of past evidence belongs to that period. Buildings remaining built in the British colonial period with British architectural influences such as the Bandarawela Hotel, the Cargill's building, the Tennis club and etc.

During World War II, many families moved to Bandarawela as leading schools in Colombo such as Royal College, St. Thomas' College and Visakha Vidyalaya, completely shifted to Bandarawela due to the fear caused by the Japanese bombs. This caused an improvement in the education of the people in Bandarawela.



The most suitable place to observe Bandarawela.

Rawana Waterfall

A 40 Meter (131 feet) high waterfall situated on the Ella - Wellawaya main road

Diyaluma Waterfall

A 188 meters (628 feet) high waterfall situated near the Koslanda village.

Adisham bungalow (St Benedict's Monastery)

Situated in Haputale is 20 Kms drive away.

Bandarawela Hotel & Cargill's Building

Bandarawela Hotel and Cargill's Building are notable colonial buildings in Bandarawela town.