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Located in the east coast of Sri Lanka, 320 kilometers away from Colombo, Arugam Bay is a typical laid back fishing village famous for its point break famously known as one of the ten best surf spots in the world. The best time of the year for surfing is between May and November when the predominant wind is offshore for at least the first half of the day.

Due to its location and southerly swell direction the area is dominated by right hand point breaks. There are three major point breaks namely "The Point", "Pottuvil Point" and "Crocodile Rock".

The Point is the main break at Arugam Bay and it is a long right-hand point/reef break that breaks at the headland in front of Arugam Bay. It is also the best swell magnet of all the points and you can almost always guarantee that the "The Point" will be a couple of feet bigger than any of the other breaks. It breaks from anything between 2 and 6 feet but tends to max out after 6 foot. Due to its location it also attracts the biggest crowd. On a good day it provides a clean ride-able wall that will barrel in the sections and give you a 400-meter ride right through to the inside. There is a café closer to "The Point".

Pottuvil Point is every surfer´s dream of a tropical wave. A long deserted sandy beach dotted with some huge boulders at the water´s edge, makes this wave a favorite with some of the season veterans. Less crowded because of the hour tuktuk ride north from Arugam Bay, Pottuvil Point provides 800 meter rides from the outside section right through to the beach on the inside. It breaks up to 4 - 5 feet. There is no shelter near "Pottuvil Point", therefore bring plenty of drinking water.

Crocodile Rock, bit far from Arugam Bay, is the smallest of the three points, and you need a medium to large swell for Croc Rock to work at all. When "The Point" is 6 foot then Croc Rock will be 3 foot. It is however a perfect wave for the beginner/intermediate or long board enthusiastic. Again bring lots of water and make sure that your tuk-tuk driver is there to pick you up after a session and a long walk back in the searing tropical sun.

Unlike other busy coastal towns frequented by tourists, Arugam Bay will offer you with a remote rural life and a quiet atmosphere. The village of Arugam Bay is 5 km south of Pottuvil and on the edge of Yala East National Park.

Wild elephants roam the coastal plain and the small Lahugala National Park is found about 16km inland. Lahugala has been an elephant viewing site for years, in large herds. Also for bird lovers, it is a place where birdlife abounds in the wetlands.

Therefore, Arugam Bay is a place for surfers, water sports lovers and wildlife viewers. A number of reasonably priced hotels and guest houses are available along the coast and the location is open to tourists throughout the year.



From Airport or Colombo : There are 02 options either via (A001) or (A10) to Kandy then via Bibile (B056) to Arugam bay. However the drive will be more time consuming and would take approximately 7 hours or more


If you are travelling by Air you can either charter an Air Taxi or a Helicopter from the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) or from Colombo and land in Arugam Bay Aerodrome.


Arugambay Beach


Muhudu Maha Viharaya, Potuvil

Lahugala National Park