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Adam's Peak is popularly known as "Sri Pada" Sacred Footprint or "Samanala Kanda" Butterfly Mountain is rising up to 2,208 meters (7,360 feet) above sea level. It is one of Sri Lanka's most important religious pilgrimage sites. There are various interpretations to the presence of the large footprint at the top of the mountain. To Buddhists, Sri Pada, meaning Sacred Footprint is the place where Lord Buddha has left his footprint. To Muslims it is the place that carries Adam's foot print. Some speculate it to be that of St. Thomas or Lord Shiva.

Annually, local pilgrims, young and old, climb this rugged path to the mountain top in large numbers for worship, chanting prayers with all devotion. Tourists climb this mostly for the aesthetic value where one can observe nature in all its glory.

If you make it to the top in the very early hours of the morning, you can watch the sunrise, an ecstatic sight, to say the least. It is generally believed that one should climb Sri Pada at least once in the life time. It is a real challenge to undertake this trip up and down the hill amounting to about 14kms.

The Sri Pada season commences in December each year and it is believed that at least 20,000 people make it to the top over a single week end. The climbing path is well lit and lined with stalls selling food, water, hats and souvenirs. Depending on what time you leave and how fit and strong you are, you should get to the peak around 5:45 am.